Dear Parents

Tips to help your child  in the classroom for next year.

We recommend that you buy a ruck-sack shaped school bag which will fit easily over your child’s chair and enable them to get books in and out easily. This is rather than a single strap shoulder shaped bag which will fall onto the floor, emptying the contents and also be a safety hazard. 

When buying a new pencil-case it is preferable to buy one that is not metallic with a lid to avoid the contents also spilling on the floor as often the lids of these get jammed!

Here are a few checklists to keep safe. We encourage the children to take responsibility for their equipment and ask that you remind them about checking that they have the correct equipment as a regular routine throughout the year. House points will be awarded for this organisation as it reduces the amount of wasted time in class when the children should be actively learning.

You will need these things for Primary 5, 6, and 7 in Key Stage 2

  1. sharpened pencils
  2. rubber
  3. sharpener, preferable with box attached
  4. ruler (with name label) - 15 cm for P5  and 30cm for P6 and P7
  5. mini-stapler with spare staples (with name labels)
  6. coloured pencils
  7. glue stick (with name label), please replace as necessary
  8. paper for covering your books over the first few days
  9. a puzzle book (e.g. ‘Where’s Wally’/mazes/wordsearches etc.) (with name label
  10. a set of felt tips
  11.  a project book (A4 file / scrap book) will be needed later on in the term

Primary 6 and 7 also need :

2 green pens

2 red pens


Project book  

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