Acorn's Aims
In our school we aim to: 
1. provide a broad balanced, relevant and cohesive curriculum appropriate to the needs of each pupil.
2.provide a happy and secure atmosphere in which learning is enjoyable and where children can grow in confidence, independence and self discipline.
3.develop children spiritually making them aware of Christian religious teaching. able communicate effectively through language, number and scientific experiences. emphasise that the pupil's personal, social and physical development are as 
important as his/her intellectual development. all children including those with special needs reach their potential and have a sense of satisfaction and success having done their best.
7.enhance the pupil's self esteem and therefore his/her ability to cope with and accept other people.
8.encourage the children to be aware of the wider community in relation to their cultural heritage.
9.encourage self respect, respect for others and their beliefs and the environment.
10.promote close relationships between home, school and the community.

Acorn Integrated Primary School, 110 Victoria Road, Carrickfergus


School Tel:  028 9336 0115    Nursery Tel: 028 9335 5229    


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